Alternativtour MonchiqueALTERNATIVTOUR – Animação Turística LDA
Alvará 22/2003

Inscrito na C. R. C. de Monchique nº 00249/030306 CAE 93293
Capital Social 12 500€
NIF 506382028
Office: Sítio das Relvinhas
Apartado 122 8550-909 Monchique
Tlm:+351 965 004 337
Telef:+351 282913204



Alternativtour offers since 12 years a wide range of outdoor sports like mountain biking, climbing, hiking, canoeing, paint-ball, archery and much more in the Serra de Monchique, Algarve.

Our motto:
Adventure that respects nature:
In today’s hectic and demanding world it is important to take time out, pursue alternative activities outside of the work place and rediscover what nature has to offer.

Alternativtour are able to meet the needs and demands of the individual who is looking for a rewarding and stimulating outdoor experience.
We believe that through our experience, diligence, and professional work ethic we provide the necessary assets to successfully organize and promote outdoor sporting events aimed at tourists and the wider community.