hiking map monchiqueWe believe that we can surprise you. 
Trails of 4 km to 20km.

Bica Boa / Fonte Santa Walking Trail
The Bica Boa Fonte Santa Bica Boa Trail takes a circular route through the valley between the Fóia and Picota hills, in an easterly direction and is comprised mainly of ancient foot paths, sheltered by the shade from the trees (some of which are ancient), thus allowing it to be walked year round. The trail takes us to Fonte Santa da Malhada Quente, the waters of which have long been used for therapeutic purposes.

Although the valley has not been completely unaffected by the human desertification the inland Algarve has suffered, it is still possible to view old farms where terraced farming is practised, ancient traditions are still used in extracting and preparing cork and woods and the ruins of water and wind mills can be found.

The Serra de Monchique is characterised by a Subtropical Maritime Mountain climate, where a vast array of indigenous as well as exotic plants of diverse origin can be found.

Semedeiro / Picota / Caldas de Monchique Walking Trail
From Semedeiro at an altitude of 520 m, and taking advantage of the ancient trails, we suggest a route uphill to Picota, at 774 metres (picnic area). The major attractions of this tour are undoubtedly the spectacular views, especially over the valley between Fóia and Picota, where the town of Monchique lies. To the south in the direction of the sea and a short distance from Fóia, the view is even more outstanding.

We believe that it is here, on the slopes of Picota, that the most characteristic local vegetation can be found, which has flourished as a result of the subtropical maritime mountain climate, examples being Oak, Chestnut, Strawberry Trees and Dwarf Oaks, as well as exotic vegetation such as Eucalyptus, Acacia and Yam. Following the trail down the south slope, we will go towards the ancient spa and Roman-built baths in Caldas de Monchique, where King D.João II sought relief from his illness in 1495.

The architecture, which dates from the end of the 19th Century, was recently restored and thus the area is well preserved.

This route can also be done in a downhill direction, from the top of Fóia, with transport provided by AlternativTour.

Monchique / Fóia / Monchique Walking Trail
A circular trail starting in Monchique at 447 metres, up the south slope to the top of Fóia at 902 m (picnic area) and return down the north slope.

Fóia’s slopes are one of the areas that have obviously suffered from human desertification, where farmhouses have simply been abandoned to nature’s elements. They do provide us however, with one of the most beautiful horizons in the world, from where on clear days almost the whole of the Algarve coast can be seen to Cape S.Vincent and to the north, the Serra da Arrábida.

The route is comprised mainly of picturesque trails which travel through ancient farms and forests, where prime examples of Italian Stone Pine, Mediterranean Oak, Monchique Oak, Chestnut, a rare Magnolia and a characteristic Rhododendron are to be found, as well as a vast array of species distinctive of this region. On the return journey, we will also have the opportunity to visit the ruins of a 17th Century Franciscan convent.

This route can also be done in a downhill direction, from the top of Fóia, with transport provided by AlternativTour.


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